美國左翼主力陣地《工人世界》(Workers World)三月十三日登了一篇:
<‘Stolen lives’───Never forget Malcolm Ferguson >:
「Cold winds didn’t stop people from commemorating the 10th anniversary of Malcolm Ferguson’s assassination by New York City police. Supporters gathered in the evening of March 1 outside the Bronx home of Juanita Young, Ferguson’s mother.
Ferguson was 23 years old and unarmed when he was killed at point-blank range by undercover police officer Louis Rivera on March 1, 2000. Five days before his death, Ferguson had been arrested for protesting the shocking acquittal of four cops who had shot immigrant worker Amadou Diallo 41 times.
In 2007 a civil court jury determined that Rivera was “100 percent responsible” for Ferguson’s death and awarded his mother more than $10 million. However, the Bronx district attorney is appealing the just verdict and refuses to reopen the criminal case against this cop.
Police continue to threaten and abuse Juanita Young and her family. Last year Young, who is legally blind, was acquitted by a jury of throwing a box of cake mix at cops who had invaded her family’s home.
Supporters gathering in the dusk put up a banner entitled “Stolen Lives” on Juanita Young’s home. It listed hundreds of people who have been killed by police across the United States. Christmas tree lights illuminated it.
Standing in front of the banner, Young spoke about the need to continue the struggle against police killings.
Allene Person told how her 19-year-old son, Timur Person, was also killed by police in the Bronx. Timur Person’s hands were in the air when police pumped four bullets into his body on Dec. 13, 2006.
Jennifer Gonzalez told how her partner, Kenny Lazo, was beaten to death by cops in Suffolk County, N.Y., on April 12, 2008.
Michael Bishop from Picture the Homeless spoke. So did Martha Laureano, a leader of the Justice Committee, and Kathie Cheng from the October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation.
A member of the International Action Center linked the struggle against police killings to the effort to save the life of Mumia Abu-Jamal.」
「據《芝加哥保衛者報》2009年7月8日報導,紐約市有315名警察因在執法過程中濫施暴力而受內部監管計劃的監督。 2007年,受監督的警察只有210人。過去兩年來,紐約警察局因招致過多民眾不滿而接受內部審查的警察人數上升了50%。紐約警察局2009年11月17日的報告顯示,紐約市警察2007年發射588發子彈,造成10人死亡;2008年發射354發子彈,造成13人死亡。2009年9月3日,4名警察用警棍、泰瑟槍毆打聖何塞州立大學學生胡方10次以上。9月22日,一名中國留學生在俄勒岡州尤金市遭一名警員無故毆打。據大赦國際統計,2009年1至10月,美國警方過度使用泰瑟槍導致45人死亡,死亡者中最小年齡15歲。從2001年到2009年10月,有389人因警方使用泰瑟槍致死。」
‘Stolen lives’一文最後提及要奮力搶救Mumia Abu-Jamal的生命,這名黑人政治犯的冤情,美國政治學者麥克爾‧帕倫蒂(Michael Parenti, 1933-)在其名著《少數人的民主》(Democracy for the few)中有所論斷:
「在政治高壓下美國也有許多冤獄案件。比如黑豹黨的一位新聞工作者阿布‧加摩爾(Mumia Abu-Jamal),素以敢於抨擊社會不公和警察濫用暴力的行為著稱。有一天,一名警官在距離他不遠的地方被蒙面暴徒開槍打死,他在現場叫了救護車,但仍無濟於事。這很明顯是一個有意栽贓的案件,但警方卻一口咬定是他所為。他們燒掉了所有目擊者的證據並將他交由法庭處理。法庭也偏聽偏信警局的判斷,最後加摩爾於匆匆中被判死刑,儘管他當時身上根本就沒有帶槍,並且有幾個目擊証人證明他根本就不是開槍的那個人。」
「The point is that our systems are so stressed that a fracture in them could mean you and your family need a plan. Just get one. If it is to sit and watch another episode of Survivor - so be it. My family will be ready. NOT for nukes, but for many system fractures… and we will have a bible in our hands.」



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